Lost Ark adds The Destroyer and more

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Destined for Destruction is in the Lost Ark.

Destined for Destruction is in the Lost Ark. The update brings a new Destroyer advanced class, the first Legion Raid, a new Guardian Raid, adds content to South Vern, and includes a bunch of fixes, balance, and quality of life changes.

This update can be described as extensive. While the Destroyer can hit pretty hard, dragging that massive hammer will affect attack and movement speed. However, Destroyer can use three Gravity Cores. Charging them up and using them allows players to spawn a shield, debuff enemies, and even pull them closer.

Each of the five categories has five new hairstyles, five warrior prefab looks and five presets without facial hair, and more. This is useful if you want to turn Warrior into Destroyer. But no matter what it is, players should prepare a lot of Lost Ark Gold to improve their strength and deal with higher damage.

Then came the new raid. The latest form of entry into the Western version is the Legion Raid, with Valtan being the first to arrive. Legion Raids are team-based challenges that require complex teamwork and strategy to defeat the Legion Commander. Because of their challenging design, they feature checkpoints called gates that save players’ progress in case they need to retry. There’s a lot going on in this update, and it can’t be overlooked that players still need to buy Lost Ark Gold for more fun. IGGM can provide players with more news and the lowest price. Come and try it.