Bots: One of Lost Ark’s Urgent Problems

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Lost Ark's bot issue is still an important presence that affects game balance.

Lost Ark's bot issue is still an important presence that affects game balance. And the developers has taken some steps to address it. Previously they banned more than 1 million bot accounts. However, bots are still an issue, very affecting normal players farming Lost Ark Gold and playing normal games.

After the initial wave of mass bans, the developers said they will continue to roll out additional bans regularly to remove more bots from the game. Besides this, the emergence of in-house methods and tools is imperative. At the current pace of work for developers, new strike bots will soon come to Lost Ark.

To counter the impact of bots on the Lost Ark in-game market, the rewards for some quests have been changed from gold coins required for player-to-player transactions to silver NPCs primarily used to pay for items and services. This change affects rapport and guidance tasks.

Lost Ark’s bot issue caused several nasty effects. Players on EU servers often had to wait in long queues to play, and when they finally got into the game, it was apparent that hordes of bots were flashing across the map with the same gear, as they did from A quest giver travels to another quest giver. The landing queues in Europe have become more manageable now, which is a good sign.

No matter which server players are on, when they encounter a flood of robot problems, it is best to report them in time to give themselves and the players who are struggling a good and clean game environment. If they need more combat and daily help, they can look to IGGM, the most famous Lost Ark service provider, there are many useful guides available there, and you can use a lot of great deals to buy the cheapest Lost Ark Gold. 100% legal and trustworthy.