Get ready! There are so many ruthless shoes to grab in July! In addition to "Barb 3.0", there is also a "

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Get ready! There are so many ruthless shoes to grab in July! In addition to "Barb 3.0", there is also a "Chicago" color co-branded AJ!

get ready! New Jordans Release 2022 There are so many ruthless shoes to grab in July! In addition to "Barb 3.0", there is also a "Chicago" color co-branded AJ! In the blink of an eye, 2022 is already halfway through. I wonder which sneakers did everyone buy in the first half of the year? Entering July, the new shoes of major brands in the second half of the year have been exposed one after another. It can be said that each pair is more ruthless. The editor recommends that you prepare your money recently, because in addition to "Barb" 3.0, "Chicago" AJ will be released this month. In addition, there is a pair of New Balance co-branded shoes with a market price of 3,000 to be grabbed last time.
Nike Dunk High Next Nature "Sail"
Item number: DD3362-200
Although the national temperature has risen to about 30 degrees, Nike still chose to release a pair of Dunk High lined with plush material in July. The whole pair of shoes adopts the color scheme of milk tea color, with a material similar to the upper of the padded jacket, which is more suitable for matching in autumn and winter.
Nike Air Force 1 High Vintage "Sail"
Item number: DM0209-100
With the classic shoe Air Force 1 ushering in its 40th anniversary, Nike has brought a lot of special color matching to it. The shoes in front of me have restored the texture of the old Air Force 1 shoes in the first year to a great extent, which must be irresistible for players who like retro style.
Air Jordan 1 Low FlyEase "Bio Hack"
Item number: DM1206-201
Although the popularity of Air Jordan 1 has declined during this period, the low-top Air Jordan 1 has gradually become the first choice for summer fashion due to its versatility and low difficulty on the feet. The zipper design on the heel of this FlyEase version of the Air Jordan 1 Low makes it easier to put on and take off, and the color matching design is also very suitable for the summer atmosphere.
Nike Dunk High WMNS "Blue Satin"
Item number: DV2185-100
There is also a pair of Dunk with a very refreshing appearance this month. Blue and fluorescent yellow collide with the familiar "Sprite" color scheme. The key is that the upper is also blessed with silk material, showing a good texture.
Nike Dunk Low "Nike Sun Club"
Item number: DQ0265-100
This pair of "candy" Dunks will surely make many young ladies grow grass. With white as the main tone, the colorful shoe body frame, and the sun smiley face with a strong summer atmosphere on the heel, must have a good visual effect on the feet.
Nina Chanel Abney x Air Jordan 2 SE
Item number: DQ0558-160
Air Jordan 2, a classic but somewhat unpopular shoe, has ushered in many high-quality joint names this year, but it is still very popular. The new product in front of me is a joint model with American artist Nina Chanel Abney. The line of the shoe body has been simplified to present a flatter visual effect.
Nina Chanel Abney x Air Jordan 2 Low SE
Item number: DQ0560-160
The other low-top version continues the same design language, with a green color scheme, which retains the retro feel of the shoe. Compared with the high-top, the low-top shoes are not so bloated. Will you buy this pair of co-branded Air Jordan 2s that are quite attractive?
Nike Dunk Low "Lisa Leslie"
Item number: DO9581-500
In honor of the historic moment of legendary Lisa Leslie's dunk in the official 2002 WNBA game. Nike brings an exclusive commemorative colorway inspired by the Los Angeles Sparks jersey.
Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low OG “Reverse Mocha”
Item number: DM7866-162
The most noteworthy this month must be the "Barb" 3.0. Although there is still some time before the release, Travis Scott himself started to promote this pair of shoes early. At present, the market price of foreign platforms is around $2,000. Everyone thinks that this pair and the "Chicago" Air Jordan 1 at the end of the year, who will become the shoe king this year?
The above is the summary of the sneakers that will be released in July for everyone. Which pair are you going to buy?